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The people you hire today, build the world for tomorrow. We are set on a mission to get you the best and we stick to it no matter what!
Why choose us?
3-5 weeks average to hire
90% retention rate
up to 12 month guarantee
Our Specialties in Recruitment
Risk Management
Compliance & Legal
Software Development
Web3 & Crypto
Investment Banking
Strategy & Management Consulting

Some Facts to Consider
  • First Candidates within 3-5 days

    We take timing seriously, although some positions are harder than others, we are capable of delivering the first profiles within 3-5 days that are pre-screened

  • up to 12 month guarantee

    While other offer guarantees that barely cover the probation period, we want to make sure that our candidate stays with you, so we give you an option that includes a year long guarantee

  • 90% Retention Rate to Date

    Since founding our company in 2021 – 90% of all our placements have stayed in the same company for at least 1 year

Types of B2B Services
Success Based Placements
Send us a position and fee will only be applicable if we successfully place a candidate in your company
Partner Program
For a smaller total fee but 30% up-front, we set a deadline for placement and your position becomes a top priority
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Most cost effective for large amount of hiring - fixed cost and unlimited placements within time period
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