How to hire an internal recruiter and set them up for success
So you are expecting rapid growth for your company and are thinking to hire an internal recruiter to ease the agency hiring costs? Let us help you with that!
Firstly, let's see what kind of a professional do you need - do you need a fully hands recruiter or is the volume is low and you think your HR might handle it?

I would advise against the latter, it is too common that we see a HR manager having to be a Swiss knife - manage HR responsibilities, recruitment and sometimes even office manager duties. So unless the person is getting paid for all the roles they cover, it is more advisable to have a separate person as they won't be over cumbered by all the tasks and will result in better outcome.

If you expect to hire 1 or 2 people a month the HR approach might work but you have to be careful so the person is not too piled up with too many tasks.

Your recruiters are the face of the company
Candidates first impression about the company always comes from the recruiter. Because of this, you need to be very mindful of who you let to present your company as the wrong person can really damage your reputation with potential candidates.

If you are just looking for your first recruiter then most likely you haven't yet set up strong employer branding strategies and don't have a marketing team constantly promoting working for your company. This is not necessary until your reach a big headcount where you find yourself heavily competing for the talent market.

So you have to have someone who not only can do the job right but is also a very presentable professional, knows how to handle people and leaves a pleasant aftertaste after communication.

You wouldn't want to trust this to a junior and for this reason your first recruiter should be someone who has solid experience in recruitment, ideally with a sales background. This will ensure they know how to communicate properly.

Okay, let's say you hired a senior recruiter but what now? How do you make sure they have all the tools necessary to succeed? Well a benefit of hiring a senior is that this isn't their first rodeo and they will tell you exactly what they need. Usually it will be a LinkedIn Recruiter license and access to one or two job posting sites.

Depending on the size of the company you will also need an Application Tracking Software (ATS) usually this becomes a lot more necessary around 100 employee mark as recruitments get a lot more intense with combination of new hires and replacements.

Always have an open communication channel with your recruiter as they have a hand on the pulse of the market and can advise you on hiring.

But why struggle to hire your recruiter by yourself? Let Behman & Bergman find you the right person as we have a lot of experience in dealing with recruiters and know how the right person looks like.
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