Behman & Bergman
Consulting for Established Business
Train your staff, improve processes or do a full restructure
Types of consulting
Pick and choose which option fits you the most!
Recruiter Training
Feel like your recruiters could achieve a lot more with the time they have? Let us transform them into cutting edge agency type recruiters who know how to close a position fast!
Recruitment Process Improvement
Time to create or improve recruitment process? Let us assess your business and create the right process to optimise the workflow.
Zero to Hero Programme
Are you starting from scratch? We will get you the right recruiter, train him, create the right process and implement the most cutting edge technologies to fit your needs.
How It Works
Intro Call
Gathering information stage and finding equal ground
Choosing the service
We go over all the perks and offers in each package so you can make the best decision
Preparation stage
Our consultant will monitor your current workflow and seek for improvement while creating the best action plan
Action stage
Once prep is done and accepted, our consultant gets to work and get you the hiring speed you need!
Ready to talk?
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