Behman & Bergman
Startup Success Programme
Tailored programme for startups to secure the best talent boost
moment when talent matters the most
Your startup success is deeply connected to the talent that is driving your company. We have carefully crafted a SSP (Startup Success Programme) that focuses on building a longterm strategy to secure A players for your business
What is included
Setting the best practices, processes, technologies as well as strategic placements
Unique Approach
Every startup is different and we don't have a one fits all solution, therefore we will craft a unique strategy in the planning stage
Talent planning and Acquisition
During collaboration we will advise you at what stages, who are the main individuals to hire and will do the work as well
What conditions must be met
As much as we would like to work with everyone, we have set in place requirements that our partners must meet
  • Startup must be in Technology or Finance Sector
    This ensures that we operate within our best known sectors and can confidently consult you
  • Room for growth
    In order to use our offerings to the most, you must financially able to grow your headcount in your company
  • Headcount shouldn't exceed 15 people
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